murmur de Berlin : installation. Medias : vidéo, photo, audio.


"Zeit-Machine" is a stop-motion video of the demolition of the Palast der Republik in Berlin. Four years summarized in 1 minute 29 and 870 photos. The demolition of the building brings us back in time, before its construction, before the demolition of the Schloss Hohenzollern, even before its construction, as the casttle will be rebuilt. Time, buildings, and events are deleted. How does the city change? Are our souvenirs of gone places stronger then the reality?

For four years, I connected to the web a few time everyday, to make captures of the DHM webcam when I liked what it showed. Then I retouched each image, made a film of all the events and created its soundtrack.

Exhibitions :

• Château de Valmer - France

• "Der ausgedehnte Blick II - Fotografische Positionen aus Frankreich und Deutschland", Galerie Pack of Patches. Jena - Germany

• "Artac", Galerie de l'Hôtel de ville. Angers - France

• "
Photofolies de Touraine", Logis royal du château de Loches. Loches - France

2009 :
• Broadcasted on the 5th French National TV chanel.
• "Murs visibles / murs invisibles", Galerie L'art au garage, Paris - France
• "Ein kreativer Blick auf das ungeteilte Berlin", nominated, Berlin - Germany


Didier Laget lives in Berlin where he works as writer and photographer. Short bio.





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